Holiday Storage: 5 Ways to Store Your Ornaments, From Cheap to Steep

Last year, Annie dug up holiday ornament storage that’s actually attractive (see Holiday Storage Solution: A Non-Plastic Box for Ornaments). The boxes she found were tasteful, minimalist, and kitsch-free. This year, I set out to find more such boxes. The bulk of the storage products I came across, though, were unappealing and hokey—with the exception being ones from the Container Store. (Incidentally, it’s also where Annie found hers.)

Here, five fine storage solutions from the Container Store, from cheap to luxe:

Budget DIY

Glass Storage Kit Container Store
Above: The Internet is teeming with DIY ideas for ornament storage—repurpose takeout containers; use disposable plastic cups; put them in egg cartons, etc. But I like the idea of enlisting corrugated glassware dividers for the job. The Container Store’s Glass Storage Kit comes with dividers and foam sheets, and can accommodate 24 short glasses—or 24 round ornaments; $8.99. (The Moving Box is $1.99.)


Corrugated Ornament Storage Trays Container Store
Above: The Corrugated Ornament Storage Trays each hold 16 ornaments; $18.99 for a set of 3.


Archival Ornament Storage Boxes Container Store
Above: Annie’s original find—the Archival Ornament Storage Boxes come in two sizes, a smaller size with 28 compartments and a larger one with 12 compartments for bigger items; $24.99 and $29.99. See Holiday Storage Solution: A Non-Plastic Box for Ornaments for more on this product.


Red 2-Tray Ornament Storage Case Container Store
Above: The pros: The 2-Tray Ornament Storage Case is zippered, has a side compartment for garlands, and features two trays. The cons? It’s made of polyester. It’s $37.99.


Red Moire Archival Ornament Storage Box
Above: A deluxe archival version of Annie’s ornament boxes, the fiberboard Red Moire Archival Ornament Storage Box looks like a festively wrapped present and features two trays, one for smaller ornaments and another for larger sizes; $79.99.

More storage box ideas just ahead:

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