8 Favorites: Structured Cloth Bins for Everything (Even Unmentionables)

Cotton Twill Storage Basket from H&M Home

Last week I complained publicly about the flour beetle infestation that’s been plaguing my New York City apartment (read the full diatribe at your own risk: How to Prevent Flour Beetles: A Cautionary Tale).

One of the unexpected casualties has been my closet. Since I found the bugs in my clothes and stored blankets, I’ve had to tear the whole thing apart and wash every item, and am now in the process of putting it back together again. On the bright side, the whole debacle has been a nice opportunity to rethink my clothing storage—in particular, the woven baskets I use to stow my smaller wardrobe pieces (underthings, socks, and pajamas).

I’ve come to realize that these baskets are not the ideal containers for such things. Their nooks and crannies are hard to clean, and the rough interiors snag, ahem, more delicate items. Which brings me to my new, better solution: sturdy and structured (not floppy) open-top bins made of canvas and cloth, for easy access, easy cleaning, and snag-free storage. Here are eight favorites (bonus: most have handles).

Quilted Canvas Bins from Container Store
Above: My favorites: these subtly checked Quilted Canvas Bins from The Container Store. They have strong handles, waterproof (read: mildew-proof) interiors, and can collapse fully when not in use. They’re $15.99 for the small size and $21.99 for the large size.
Household Essentials Canvas Drawer from Amazon
Above: From Household Essentials, via Amazon Prime, these box-like Natural Canvas Fabric Bins have sturdy handles; $14.99 for two.
Cotton Twill Storage Basket from H&M Home
Above: I also like the completely streamlined Cotton Twill Storage Basket, surprisingly from H&M Home; $12.99.
Canvas Small Basket from Steele Canvas
Above: Steele Canvas is an all-time favorite on the Remodelista and Organized Home teams; their “light, durable” Canvas Small Basket is only 17 inches long and can nest, if you get more than one. It has a steel frame and steel runners so that it can sit, elevated, on a shelf; $83.25.
Hable Construction Storage Bin
Above: Hable Construction’s Storage Bins come in natural as well as a slew of colorful patterns (see top image); $78.
Closet Sweater Bin from PBTeen
Above: The Closet Sweater Bin works just as well for smaller goods as it does for sweaters and woolens; $19 for single or $35 for a set of two from PBTeen.
Household Essentials Canvas Cube Storage Box from Target
Above: Another offering from Household Essentials, this one available via Target. The Canvas Cube Storage Box has reinforced sides; $7.69. This one has a top, but I’d use it without. I like the compact size and silhouette.
Muji’s polyester cotton linen Soft Box is $18.
Above: Muji’s polyester cotton linen Soft Box is $18.

In the spirit of storing everything in canvas, see also:

N.B.: Featured image of Serax canvas bins by Matthew Williams for Remodelista; styling by Alexa Hotz, from Shop Owner Makié Yahagi’s Charm-Filled Loft in SoHo, New York on Remodelista.

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