Aha! Hack: A Genius Alternative Use for Compostable Dinnerware

Props on Shelves in Erin Scott Photo Studio

I fully endorse the idea of organizing drawers with the help of dividers, trays, and bins so that things stay contained and tidy. (See my story on how I conquered my junk drawer here.) But it’s hard to get excited by most of the drawer organizers, mostly made of plastic, that are on the market these days.

Recently, I was pleased to discover that Marie Kondo had come out with a line of pretty Hikidashi Boxes made of fiberboard and sized to fit dresser drawers. I was encouraged again when Kristina tracked down 7 Favorites: Kitchen Drawer Organizers, Non-Plastic Edition. Then last week, Justine emailed me another find, small compostable wooden trays by VerTerra Dinnerware that could easily be repurposed as organizational tools: “These are supposed to be for food, but I think they would be great for cosmetics or desktop,” she wrote.

Inexpensive, minimalist and pretty, and eco-friendly to boot: They may just be the perfect drawer organizers.

Featured photograph courtesy of Erin Scott.

Shelves with Wooden Boxes in Erin Scott Photo Studio
Above: Food photographer Erin Scott told us earlier this year that she saves the small wooden dispoable takeout boxes (as seen on the lower shelf, at right) from San Francisco restaurant Boulette’s Larder and reuses them to store flatware. Featured photograph courtesy of Erin Scott, from 9 Unexpected Storage Hacks from a Food Photographer’s Kitchen.
Verterra Collapsible Wooden Square Plates at Food52
Above: VerTerra makes a whole line of compostable balsa wood food containers. A set of 20 of these Collapsible Wooden Square Plates (measuring 6 by 6 inches) is just $25 at Food52.
Verterra Wooden Corn on the Cob Tray at Food52
Above: Food52 also sells Verterra’s Wooden Corn on the Cob Trays for $20 for 20. These would be perfect for storing pens and pencils.
VerTerra Mini Tray
Above: More sizes and shapes are available on VerTerra’s own site. These Mini Trays (good for holding cherries—and paper clips and erasers, too!)  are $12 for 20.

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