Aha! Hack: A Vintage Washboard as Dish Drying Rack

For a while now, I’ve been searching for a wooden dish drying rack—something like the simple slatted drainer I spied here or the rustic Tornillo dish rack I saw here (the former is custom and the latter is too expensive). So when I came across this creative idea—a vintage washboard repurposed as a countertop dish drainer—a light bulb went off: What a simple, smart, and creative solution!

Sink in Home House Green Kitchen in Shropshire by Plain English
Above: The vintage washboard makes for a one-of-a-kind drying rack. Photograph courtesy of Plain English, from Kitchen of the Week: A Historic Kitchen in Shropshire, Recast in Monochrome Green.

Steal This Look

Of course, I immediately went on the hunt for attractive, all-wood vintage washboards. Here are a few that I think could work as an improvised dish drainer.

Vintage Wooden Washboard Etsy
Above: Flea Market France, a vendor I found on Etsy, has quite a few vintage wooden washboards in stock. This Primitive Antique French Vintage Wood Hand Washboard is $119 (expensive, but still $20 cheaper than the Tornillo drainer).
Vintage Wooden Washboard Etsy
Above: This Old Heavy Italian Large Wooden Handmade Washboard, sold by Creatodame, is quite a bit less expensive; $37.53 on Etsy.
Vintage Wooden Washboard Etsy
Above: The simple Italian Wooden Washboard, sold by Rustic Italia on Etsy, is $67.68.
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