Aha! Hack: A New Purpose for the Magnetic Knife Rack

Knife Rack by Matthew Williams for The Organized Home Book

I really liked our magnetic knife rack. I enjoyed the satisfying click when I returned a knife to its rightful spot on the bar; I loved that it was made of wood and so simply designed. But when we had floor-to-ceiling tiles installed in our kitchen, we sadly moved the knives into a drawer. (Yes, I’m perfectly aware that there’s a thing called the electric drill and that we could have mounted the rack to the tiled wall, but I have a mental block about making holes in tiles.)

We ended up tossing the knife rack, but had I thought a little more creatively, I would have realized that we could have repurposed it for sundry other functions. All I had to do was think of it not as knife rack—but as a simple magnetic board. I could have used it to store tools, hang up notes and pictures, organize paint brushes, display scissors, and so on. But I think my favorite alternative usage of the magnetic knife rack is as a key holder.

Photography by Matthew Williams for Remodelista: The Organized Home.

Keys on Knife Rack by Matthew Williams for The Organized Home Book
Above: When you have multiple key-holders in a family, a magnetic knife rack can be an easy way to keep track of which set is whose. For a roundup of good-looking wood magnetic knife racks, see 10 Easy Pieces: Wall-Mounted Magnetic Wood Knife Racks.

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