One Rail to Rule Them All: The Zutik Wall System from France

Zutik Wall System by Alki

I don’t seek out buffets, but if someone were to lead me to an all-you-can-eat restaurant, I would happily partake. There’s something deeply satisfying about being able to fill your plate with a little bit of everything. I feel the same away about all-in-one storage products too, which is why I so enjoyed Alexa’s roundup of All-in-One Entryway Stations.

Recently, Margot sent me a heads-up about a chic modular storage system she spotted—the Zutik Wall System by French design firm Alki—and it reminded me how much I love combo pieces. Based on a single rail system from which hooks, mirrors, pinboards, bins, and a ladder shelf can be installed, the Zutik is particularly good because it’s adjustable and can be configured to suit your specific storage needs. Have a look.

Photography courtesy of Alki.

Zutik Wall System by Alki
Above: The Zutik Wall System is centered on a solid oak beam, from which you can attach accessories such as coat pegs, an acoustic panel with wooden pocket, a mirror, and a ladder shelf.
Zutik Wall System by Alki
Above: Hanging from this beam, styled for a home office or living space, are the ladder shelf, suspended shelf, and large suspended panel with wooden pocket.
Zutik Wall System by Alki
Above: The beams come in multiple sizes (ranging from 1.5 to 3 meters long) and can be combined to suit your needs. Here a short piece is enough to outfit a bath.
Zutik Wall System by Alki
Above: A close look at the system reveals grooves in the beam to accommodate accessories that slide into it. Contact Alki for ordering information.
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