Connect the Dots: Portable Wooden Shelving for Modern Nomads

Dotdotdot.Frame modular storage shelves by Leonid Davydov.

Leonid Davydov grew up in Kazakhstan playing with an Erector Set–like toy of perforated metal parts called Shkolnik (Schoolboy). Just out of high school at age 17, he moved to Beijing, where he studied Mandarin and launched a business connecting Chinese manufacturers and outside businesses. Along the way, he realized he wanted to make things himself and ended up relocating to London where he recently graduated with a degree in product design from prestigious Central St. Martins. During his foundation course, Davydov came up with the idea for Dot Home, his customizable wooden storage system that works something like an outsized Erector set: Slot the various holes and pegs together to form shelves, hanging bars, hooks, and more.

The pieces can be put together in countless ways, and they come apart easily, so they can travel from room to room and from home to home—Davydov says he himself has moved four times in the past three years, and more than 20 times in his 33 years.  He’s now settled down with a wife and child and has a London workshop and team of six devoted to making his modular creations.

Dotdotdot.Frame modular storage shelves by Leonid Davydov.
Above: The frames, shelves, and rods are made of sustainably sourced oak and sold à la carte and in preconfigured designs that are anchored to a wall with steel mounting fixtures (smaller setups can also just be leaned). Shown here are two Dot Frame Classic Units, £358, accessorized with Cross Bar Rails, £9 each; Shelves, £56 for two; a Round Pinboard, £21; and Large Mirror, £68 (now made with square edges).
The company currently ships all over Europe; Davydov reports that US availability is forthcoming.

Dotdotdot.Frame modular storage for the closet and beyond.
Above: A Dot Frame Classic set up as a landing pad for an entry, closet, or workspace.

“The pieces were designed with the objective of improving the versatility of traditional furniture, and giving the user creative involvement,” Davydov says. “The challenge was finding the right proportions, so accessories could be hung both horizontally and vertically. This was vital in order to keep functionality fluid and allow the elements to be transformed according to the needs and whims of the owner.”

Dotdotdot.Frame Dot Bar peg rail.
Above: The Dot Bar Coat & Accessory Rack is £78 for the bar alone; with two wooden hooks and a round pinboard, as shown, it’s £98. A range of other options are also available, including additional hooks and a round blackboard or mirror.
Dot Stand Coat & Accessory Stand from Dot Home.
Above: A lean, freestanding version of the system, the Dot Stand Coat & Accessory Stand, is made of oak set into a powder-coated steel base. It comes with two hooks, a pinboard, and steel shelf; £232.

Dotdotdot.Frame modular storage for the bathroom and beyond.
Above: A Dot Frame Classic accessorized for the bath or bedroom.
Dotdotdot.Frame modular storage shelf rubber ring detail.
Above: Small hidden silicone rings secure the dowels in place: “They create friction between the peg and the beam, so you can only pull out the pegs by applying force slowly,” says Davydov. “We provide fifty rings just in case people lose a few.”
Dotdotdot.Frame modular peg storage mirror detail.
Above: Accessories are hung by pegs.
Designer Leonid Davydov of Dotdotdot.Frame modular storage London.
Above: Davydov with the building block for his system in a range of woods. He also offers custom versions via Dot Bespoke, and has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for .System, a freestanding storage cabinet with modular peg accessories.

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