Smart Buy: This Will Help Ease the Pain of Laundry Day

I really have to figure out a better system for laundry. Our three hampers (one for each for our two kids, and one more for my husband and me) are on the second floor. Our washer and dryer are in the basement. None of our hampers are particularly easy to move. When laundry day rolls around, I separate the lights and darks into piles, creating little mountains of dirty clothing in our bedrooms, then scoop up one pile with my arms for the long walk down to the basement—all the while gripping the load as tightly as I can for fear of an errant sock making a run for it. Four times out of five, I have to retrace my steps to locate fugitive socks.

Why do I continue with such an inefficient system? Because committing to a handled basket for toting laundry would mean having another item to store in our closet-deficient home. Why not a laundry bag? Because I find typical laundry bags, when filled, to be unwieldy and difficult to lug.

Which is why I was thrilled to learn that The Laundress has come out with some great, easy-to-carry canvas laundry totes that can be collapsed and put away. Even better, they are attractive enough to replace the hampers I already have, canceling out the need for additional travel versions. Have a look.

N.B.: The Laundress has also introduced an entire new storage line; see New & Noteworthy: The Laundress Goes Beyond the Laundry Room with a New Storage Collection over on Remodelista for details.

Photography courtesy of The Laundress.

Laundress New Clothing Storage Compartment Hamper Aerial
Above: The Laundress’ Double Sorter has a built-in divider that separates whites from darks; $28. These laundry totes make sorting and transferring laundry a breeze.
Laundress New Clothing Storage Compartment Hamper Lifestyle
Above: The Triple Sorter has an extra compartment for delicates; $30. 

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