Kitchen of the Week: The Classic String Swedish Kitchen

String modular storage system from Sweden.

Building on more than half a century of success, String, the innovative modular shelving series from Sweden, has expanded into furniture.

Originally designed in 1949 by Swedish architect Nils Strinning, String is a system of flexible shelving units that can be configured to fit any space. Starting in 2013, String introduced a line of complementary furniture pieces designed by architects Anna Von Schewen and Björn Dahlström. The first in the series is a collapsible table, which when not in use folds neatly back into the unit. And the company keeps unveiling new components to the system.

Above: Utterly adaptable, String Shelves (shown here in white and birch) come in a number of sizes and finishes that can be reconfigured to suit your setup and decor. Available in the UK at Haus London, the components start at £75 ($116) for a three-pack of shelves. Pocket Shelving is also available in the US at A+R in Los Angeles for $195.

Above: The streamlined silhouette of String Shelves, shown here with the collapsible table up.

Above: With the table pulled out, the String System creates a small dining area for two.

Above: Designed to complement any scheme, String accessories, including the cabinets and magazine shelf shown here, come in many different finishes including birch, oak, and walnut, and in black, gray, and white.

Above: The design works well in more classical interiors, too. Here, String birch shelving adds warmth and a contemporary touch to a serene white kitchen.

Above: String Shelves are also great for the office, bath, kids’ room, and living room. They’re shown here in the world’s nicest garage. See more at String.

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This post is an update. It originally ran on April 3, 2013, as part of our Cult of the Kitchen issue.

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