Object of Desire: Small but Cheerful Stacking Wooden Bowls, Made in Japan

Hatashikkiten Border Three-Tier Container from Moth Chicago

A few weeks back, the owner of newly opened Chicago-based shop Moth sent us an email: “All of our offerings are carefully curated from frequent trips abroad, and many of the brands are not available anywhere else in the US,” wrote Catherine Becker, and we stopped reading and immediately clicked through to the site. Upon closer examination of the Japanese and Nordic wares on offer, we quickly fell in love with the shop’s small containers and bowls from nearly 90-year-old Japanese woodworking company Hatashikkiten. To be filed under Small but Cheerful Storage, here’s what we’re coveting.

Hatashikkiten Border Three-Tier Container from Moth Chicago
Above: The Hatashikkiten Border Three-Tier Container is made of three stacking bowls with a slim top, all made from the wood of the Japanese castor aralia tree and painted in rich hues. One set of three is $98.

Above: The bowls can be stacked and restacked in different combinations. The retailer notes that the bowls are finished in a food-safe urethane and would make good salt, pepper, or spice containers; they’d also make handy little holders for small bathroom essentials, jewelry, or desk supplies.

Hatashikkiten Koma Bowls with Tops from Moth Chicago
Above: The Hatashikkiten Koma Bowls are also made from castor aralia wood and have painted tops. A set of two (in red and mint) is $84; four bowls are available for $162.
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