Object of Desire: Woven Baskets from Baba Tree

Baba Tree Baskets

Given our fixation on baskets here at The Organized Home, we might as well be called Baskets R Us. We’ve seen hundreds of them—made of wire, canvas, felt, straw, and more—and have fallen in love with many for both their utilitarianism and good looks.

The handwoven baskets from Ghana-based Baba Tree, though, stopped us in our tracks. They are exquisite, and better yet, the company pays its artisans fair wages. From its website: “Our weavers are paid well for their artful work creating Baba Tree baskets. All weavers receive 5-20% of the retail price (depending on basket type) as a commission in addition to what they were initially paid.”

Baba Tree’s website features a plethora of basket types to choose from. We counted 17 different categories, ranging from bicycle baskets to laundry baskets, cereal-bowl-size apika baskets to “specialty and unique” baskets that feel more like art than storage and can be priced upwards of $1,000. The hardest part was selecting which one to feature.

Photography courtesy of Baba Tree.

Baba Tree Basket
Above: There is a Baba Tree basket for everyone—some have muted palettes, others are bright; some are graphic and modern, others are colorful and more traditional. We love this Woven Decor Basket for its surprising palette and fresh graphic design; $209.99. The man holding it, Akolgo “Body” Atiah, is the artisan who made it. (On the website, each piece is pictured with its maker.)
Closer to home, Goodee carries a range of Baba Tree wares as well. Check out their online store here.

Need evidence of our passion for baskets? Here you go:

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