The Organized Sink: 3 Rules for Decanting Kitchen Cleaning Products, Plus 5 Bottles to Buy

The areas around and below the kitchen sink are especially vulnerable to clutter. The main culprits: plastic bottles for various cleaning solutions—dish soap, counter spray, and the like. Do away with the plastic and unappealing packaging by decanting the products into attractive glass bottles. Here are three steps to get there—and our five favorite bottles to buy.

Decanted Kitchen Cleaning Products Photo by Matthew Williams Styling Alexa Hotz
Above: The line up—decanted household cleaning spray, hand soap, dishwashing detergent, liquid dish soap, and diluted vinegar. Photograph by Matthew Williams and styling by Alexa Hotz for The Organized Home: Simple, Stylish Storage Ideas for All Over the House.

1. Choose bottles and tops based on contents.

Let your needs determine the size of the bottle and type of lid (spout, pump, spray, or screw top). For example, those who primarily use the dishwasher only need a small bottle of dish soap by the sink, whereas those who mostly dish-wash by hand require a sizable bottle. Keep any sprayable products in a medium-sized bottle with a spray top (see below), and products to store, like backup dish or hand soap, in large bottles with screw tops.

2. Find a resource for bulk cleaning products.

Some natural foods stores offer hand and dish soap in bulk. Companies like Common Good and The Simply Co. partner with US stores to provide filling stations for customers with empty bottles. (Tip: Bring an extra bottle with you as reference for the tare weight to be sure you’re paying only for the weight of liquid.)

3. Dilute if needed.

One major tip for decanting dishwashing soap into any vessel is to dilute the solution just a little bit with water (not too much or it’ll get thin) and give it a light shake. Diluting it some will keep the soap flowing through even the smallest of spout lids.

+ Five to Buy

Glass Spray Bottle Dispensers
Above: For cleaning sprays, we like the Sally’s Organics Empty Clear Glass Spray Bottles; $14.98 for two 16 ounce bottles on Amazon.
Mur Lifestyle Amber Glass Bottles
Above: Mur Lifestyle has affordable amber glass bottles of different sizes and designed for different uses. An 8 Ounce Bottle with Cap is $2.75 and a 16 Ounce Bottle with Cap is $3.10; then you can pair with a Pump for $1.25 or a Spray Trigger  for $1.90.
Glass Liquid Dish Soap Dispenser
Above: The 13 Ounce Antica Oil Dispenser is our pick for liquid dish soap. It’s designed for olive oil but works well with (slightly diluted) dish soap; $9.95 at Williams-Sonoma. Another option is the Fox Run Long Neck Oil/Vinegar Drizzler for $7.75 on Amazon.
Recycled Glass Dispenser Self Pour Spout
Above: The Small Recycled Glass Dispenser with Gold Self Pour Spout (left) is $22.50 and the Small Recycled Glass Clear Soap Dispenser (right) is $22.50 at Rail 19, which stocks a variety of empty glass containers for decanting.
Father Rabbit Glass Milk Botles
Above: The uniform Glass Milk Bottles at Father Rabbit in New Zealand are no longer available, but we also like the traditional Glass Milk Bottles in the 33.8 ounce size for storing bulk solutions under the sink; $29.90 for 4.
Looking to make your own dish soap? See our post on Remodelista, DIY: Homemade Dish Soap. For more decanting ideas see our posts:

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