The Cull: 10 Seriously Great (and Under $35!) Finds from H&M Home

Ikea and Muji are two of our favorite sources for inexpensive and simply designed housewares. Now I’m adding another retailer to this very short list: H&M Home. Annie recently tipped me off about the Swedish retail giant’s impressive selection of small storage products—all priced in the I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-more range. Here are 10 favorites from the store.

H&M Home Round Tray
Above: Reminescent of a Fog Linen tray, this laminated Round Tray is 15 inches across; $24.99.

Above, L to R: The Hinoki-like Wooden Storage Box and Wooden Basket with Handle (shown is the small) are perfect containers for corralling toiletries; $12.99 and $17.99.

H&M Home Jute Laundry Basket
Above: Annie owns the Jute Laundry Basket and can attest to its generous size and durability; $34.99.
H&M Home Small Glass Jar
Above: We’re not huge fans of matching sets, but these coordinating glass bath accessories are pretty great; from $6.99 (for the Glass Toothbrush Mug).

Above, L to R: The Braided Bamboo Tray and baskets are simple in design and light in weight; from $12.99 (for the tray).

H&M Home Round Metal Tray
Above: The Round Metal Tray measures 15.25 inches across; $24.99.
H&M Home Braided Storage Basket
Above: Just a great-looking, simple seagrass basket, the Large Braided Storage Basket is $24.99.

Above: The appealingly streamlined Wooden Hanger measures more than two feet across; $12.99.

H&M Home Canvas Storage Basket
Above: The Canvas Storage Basket with a folded top edge has a diameter of 7.5 inches; $9.99.
H&M Home Metal Magazine Rack
Above: The Metal Magazine Rack comes in black or gold; $24.99.
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