The Cull: Our 10 Favorite Storage and Organization Products from Design Darling Muji

Zippered Canvas Storage Bag as part of the Remodelista Storage 75 Series
Above: We’re big fans of using Muji’s Cotton Linen Zip Box to store seasonal wardrobe items. Photograph by Matthew Robbins for Remodelista: The Organized Home.

Earlier this week, we gathered our favorite storage and organization products from new-to-Americans home-goods brand Yamazaki. Today we’re giving the same treatment to Muji, which opened up its first store in the US more than a decade ago and has since established itself as a purveyor of good designs at feel-good price points. (Nearly every design-obsessed person we know has at least one of its products in their home.)

But even if you’re familiar with Muji’s offerings, you may not realize that it has Web stores in more than 30 countries—and each country has different offerings, depending on inventory and market demands. In addition to the US site, we scoured the UK online store (which ships stateside) as well as Japan’s (it’s the mothership, after all) to find our picks. If you’re a completist, go here for the list of locations—and happy hunting!

Muji Overlapped Bamboo Rectangular Box
Above: A refined take on wooden crates, the Overlapped Bamboo Rectangular Box, available in Muji Japan and some of the company’s other stores in Asia, can be easily stacked. Put the large box (pictured) on top of another and add a lid (sold separately) for an improvised side table. The boxes come in small, medium, and large sizes; ¥2,490 to ¥4,990. The lids run from ¥1,490 to ¥1,990.
Muji PP File Box
Above: A witty file holder, the PP File Box is made of polypropylene and can also be used to store newspapers and magazines. We like the grayish-white option (pictured), but it also comes in clear; $13 at Muji USA.
Muji Stainless Wire Basket
Above: Muji’s Stainless Wire Basket currently comes in five sizes on the US site, ranging from traylike proportions to laundry-basket size (pictured is the Large, which measures 20.1-by-14.6-by-9.4 inches); $24 to $60.
Muji Ash Wooden Tray
Above: So many reasons to like the Ash Wooden Tray—it’s good-looking, it’s versatile, and it’s wallet-friendly. Shown is the 12.6-by-9.4-inch version; $10 at Muji USA. More sizes are available on both the UK and Japan sites.
Muji File Tray
Above: Keeping it simple, the ABS File Tray is so streamlined and tasteful that it could be used in your entryway for mail. Stack two together for an in-box and out-box station. Each tray is $16 at Muji USA.
Muji Steel Toolbox
Above: There are smaller, handleless versions of the Steel Toolbox on the US site and we like them a lot, but there’s something about this large version, with its utilitarian good looks, that we prefer. Use it for first-aid essentials, art supplies, or, of course, your tools. Find it at Muji Japan for ¥2,490.
Wooden Drawer from Muji
Above: A Muji classic, the MDF Wooden Drawer (¥1,990) can be used on a desktop or stacked on a shelf for extra organization. The US site currently sells just the multiple-drawer versions (great for storing paper clips, notepads, writing utensils, and other small desk accessories), while the Japan site has more options, including the single large drawer shown here.
Muji Tin Box
Above: The Tin Box with Lid was inspired by traditional Japanese bins used for storing rice. It’s resistant to moisture, making it a particularly suitable for use in your pantry; $20 at Muji USA.
Muji Cotton Linen Box
Above: On the US site, the Cotton Linen Box is available in two sizes; $14.40 and $16. As big fans of using them in closets to organize our wardrobes, we were happy to discover far more size options on the UK site, where they’re sold in nine sizes, £9.95 to £19.95.
Muji Craft Housekeeping Notebook
Above: Here’s what really appeals to us about the Craft Housekeeping Notebook: Open it up and you’re presented with the month, spread over two facing pages. That, and the great old-school design; $1.50 each at Muji USA.

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