High/Low: Black Woven Baskets, Goop Versus Target

CB2 Goop Basket Cases

In honor of Halloween, we’ve decided to do a very special holiday edition of The Organized Home: a high/low story about black baskets. It’s a trend we’ve noticed of late, popping up in indie stores and mass-market retailers alike. (Some of are favorite examples are from Restoration Hardware, Schoolhouse, and HomeStories.) While researching this story, we came across, of course, the black baskets by Goop for CB2 that came out just last month. But more important, we also stumbled upon a Target knockoff that costs hundreds less. Take a look, and let us know which one you would buy.


Goop CB2 Basket Cases
Above: These Goop-designed Basket Cases are composed of a wicker base wrapped in dyed abaca hemp and handles wrapped in leather cord; $269 for the small (16 inches high) and $299 for the large (21 inches high). (See The Cull: Our 10 Favorite Storage Solutions from CB2.)


Target Threshold Round Woven Basket in Black
Above: The Round Woven Basket by Threshold is made of water hyacinth and measures 14.5 inches tall and has a diameter of 16.5 inches; $29.99 at Target. (See Economy Class: Colorful Enamel Trays for Just $20 for another stylish bargain.)

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