Stainless Storage: Stovold and Pogue’s Modular Kitchen Racks and Shelves from India

Stovold & Pogue Indian stainless steel kitchen rack and shelf grouping.

Like so many people on vacation, Jen and Nick Stovold spotted something unfamiliar—and shiny and useful—and commented that it would be a huge hit back home. At the time the British couple were traveling in Kerala, in southern India, and the compelling object was a wall-hung stainless steel kitchen rack, an Indian staple for drying and storing dishes in tight spaces. The Stovolds returned to their lives in London—she has a degree in interior architecture and, at the time, worked as a visual merchandiser, he was in finance—but several months later, they actually followed up on their idea.

“We took the plunge and booked flights to Delhi, where we trawled market after market to track down the exact racks we wanted to sell,” says Jen. “We had a tiny budget, no plan, and absolutely no clue of how we’d export them; we bought thirty-five racks and literally figured the next steps out along the way.” That was five years ago, and since then Jen and Nick, who grew up next door to each other, have devoted themselves full-time to their stainless steel storage company, Stovold & Pogue, now based in the small town of Wellington in Somerset, England.

We ourselves are longtime fans of these kitchen workhorses—see 5 Favorites: Space-Saving Dish Racks—and had wished they were more accessible. In our book Remodelista: The Organized Home, we illustrated our Art of Order Manifesto with a Stovold & Pogue rack. That tidy design is but one of the company’s line of modular organizers, all sized to work together. Here’s a look at the range, including the company’s just-introduced powder-coated-steel colors, and the many ways the pieces can be put to use.

Photography courtesy of Stovold & Pogue.

Combination Dish Racks and Shelves

Stovold & Pogue Indian stainless steel kitchen rack: the Mighty Rack.
Above: The largest rack, the Mighty, £240, has slots for tall and short plates (six each; they can be doubled to hold 24 plates total). The plate shelves are open on the bottom for drainage and the surrounding shelves are perfect for, among other things, glassware and bowls. The bottom shelf has recessed drainage holes and is detailed with hooks for holding mugs and utensils. We love the fact that they can take the place of space-hogging counter drying racks.
Stovold & Pogue Indian stainless steel kitchen rack in white, middle size.
Above: The Middle rack, £150, is shown here in white; the couple have the racks made in India and powder-coated near their workshop in Somerset. Each rack is hand-cut and the couple says “a little quirky.”
Stovold and Pogue Indian stainless steel mini kitchen rack in anthracite.
Above: Anthracite, a deep gray-blue, is the other new color; it’s shown here on the Mini rack; £110.


Stovold and Pogue Indian stainless steel kitchen shelf: Middle Pigeon Hole.
Above: In addition to traditional racks, Stovold & Pogue has come up with a group of Indian-made stainless steel shelving. Pictured is the Middle Pigeon Hole; £120.
Stovold and Pogue Indian stainless-steel kitchen shelf in anthracite: middle size.
Above: The Anthracite Middle Shelf is £110.
Stovold and Pogue Indian stainless-steel mini kitchen shelf in white.
Above: Applications for these shelves extend beyond the kitchen. The White Mini Shelf, £85, for instance, is ideal for the laundry room.

The Complete Kitchen: Rack and Shelf Ensembles

Stovold & Pogue Indian stainless steel kitchen rack and shelf grouping.
Above: Each of Stovold & Pogue’s pieces is 79 centimeters (31 inches) tall and 25 centimeters (10 inches) deep, so they can be lined up together in countless variations. They’re shown here in the company’s own workshop kitchen.
Stovold and Pogue Indian stainless steel kitchen rack and shelf grouping in anthracite.
Above: A combination of racks and shelves in Anthracite.
Stovold & Pogue Indian stainless steel kitchen rack and shelf grouping in white.
Above: A White grouping. Stovold & Pogue ships worldwide; they say they send plate racks all over the States every week. The designs arrive assembled.

Stay tuned: The couple plan to come out next with rack attachments, such as cutlery holders and slots for wine glasses—and ultimately to create a line of adaptable modular storage for every room in the house.

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