Design Sleuth: The Miracle Grid with Wooden Shelves

Ilona Zieltjens (@Mamoesjka) kitchen, Netherlands.

A few weeks back, when we visited blogger Ilona Zieltjens at home in the Netherlands—see Remodelista’s A DIY Serial Remodeler and Instagram Star—her small kitchen’s grid storage wall stopped us in our tracks. Where could we source our own, we all wondered—with movable wooden shelves just like Ilona’s.

Liking nothing more than a treasure hunt, I did some sleuthing and am happy to report that several European companies offer versions of this lattice shelf design. Here are four of note. An American workshop has yet to join the group, but we predict it won’t be long. (Scroll to the bottom for DIY ideas.)

N.B.: Featured photograph by Illona Zieltjens of Mamoesjka, from A DIY Serial Remodeler and Instagram Star.

From the Netherlands:

The inspiration, Zieltjens’ Fency Kitchen Rack, is by Bastiaan Tolhuijs of Amsterdam-based Tolhuijs Design, who specializes in upcycling waste materials: The grids are made from fence manufacturers’ remnants.

Fency wall rack from Tolhuijs in Ilona Zieltjens' (@Mamoesjka) kitchen, Netherlands.
Above: Ilona Zieltjens’s (@Mamoesjka) modular Fency Kitchen Rack is available in several powder-coated steel colors, and comes with S hooks and shelves that hang from wood notches or metal hooks (no tools needed); €217.95. Photograph by Illona Zieltjens of Mamoesjka.
Fency modular grid storage system from the Netherlands.
Above: Fency frames come in six sizes; the 80 x 80, shown here in white is €59.95 for the steel frame (mounting hooks included). An array of Fency Accessories are sold à la carte. A Fency Shelf like the one in the lower left is €34.95.

From France:

From designers Périne Long and Mina Tahhar, Gassien is a new Paris company devoted to making flexible shelving. It offers a wide array of wall bases in different finishes, plus shelves of varying lengths and depths with thin metal brackets that latch onto the grid.

Gassien modular grid storage from France, via La Tresorerie.
Above: The Nora Gassein Pack in brass with birch plywood shelves, is €289 from La Trésorerie, one of our favorite Paris shops. The small Gassien Wall Base (60 by 77 centimeters) on its own is €95, and Gassein Shelves and Hooks can be purchased separately.
Gassien modular grid storage from France, via La Tresorerie.
Above: The Pack Maïssa Gassien in black with birch plywood shelves is €376 from La Trésorerie.
Gassien modular grid storage from France, via Smallable.
Above: The Manel Gassien Pack in white is $707 at Smallable and has six boards and six pairs of hooks. The site, a Pret à Porter for chic families, stocks every configuration offered by Gassien (but doesn’t currently ship them to the US).

From Belgium:

The Loopholes modular organizer is made in Westmalle, Belgium, by industrial designers Deevie Vermetten and Oskar Vermeylen of Atelier Belge. The powder-coated steel frames are waterproof, so can be used indoors and out, and the shelves, which loop on, are offered in wood or steel.

Loopholes Modular Grid Storage Atelier Belge
Above: The Loopholes Package.01, €295, includes wood and steel shelves in three sizes, plus a pair of steel hooks.
Loopholes modular grid storage system by Atelier Belge.
Above: Loopholes grids can be combined to make a larger unit, such as the one shown here. A Grid.02 (40 by 60 centimeters) on its own is €95 (larger sizes also available), and Loophole Accessories include powder-coated steel shelves in white, red, and blue.

From Sweden:

Introduced in 1949, the String Shelving System by Swedish architect Nils Strinning is the originator—and standard bearer—of these customizable latticed storage systems.

String modular storage system from Sweden via-A+R.
Above: The String’s metal side panels hold shelves. The adaptable design has been put to a huge range of uses: See String.

String modular storage system from Sweden.
Above: A + R in LA offers the String System, including String Pocket Shelves, shown in green, for $173 per pair of steel frames with three shelves of veneered particle board (four sets are combined here). The design works on a small or grand scale: Take a look at Kitchen of the Week: The String Swedish Kitchen.
Feeling inspired? Consider buying a wire frame and making a DIY version of these miracle grids. Two good starting points:

And here are two wire wall grids that come with wire storage accessories:

More on wall-mounted shelving here:

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