Living on the Ledge: Gejst’s Versatile Storage for Small Spaces

Open shelving: The Gejst Flex ledge storage system in a kitchen.

Who knew the humble picture rail could be so customizable? Danish workshop Gejst’s Flex system—shallow wooden shelves accessorized with hooks and other add-ons—is the brainchild of industrial designer Sabine Appel, who at the time was a student writing her thesis on the company. The Gejst team embraced the idea and continues to tweak it: The first iteration debuted in 2016, and new à la carte offerings, including a pocket for coffee filters and a side table attachment, have since been introduced.

The ledge itself is magnetic, allowing it to double as a knife rack, scissors holder, and keys keeper—and lending the design top ranking in the small-space solutions for bits and pieces category. The rails come in two lengths (40 and 60 centimeters) and two stains (oiled oak and black-stained oak), with a white or black powder-coated steel mount that’s only visible in profile. The Flex Rail 40 is €70 and the Flex Rail 60 is €80.

Initially envisioned for the kitchen, Flex has made inroads all over the house. Here’s a look at its many applications.

In the Entryway

Gejst Flex ledge storage system.
Above: Gejst’s Flex Rails are perfect for storing keys, phones, sunglasses, and other entry essentials. The mix-and-match powder-coated steel add-ons come in black or white. Shown here: Flex Hooks, €20 for two; a Flex Tray, €40; and Flex Small Box, €40. All are available directly from Gejst—the brand has retailers all over Scandinavia but none yet in the US.

In the Kitchen

Gejst Flex ledge storage system in the kitchen.
Above: On a big wall, two Flex rails can be combined to make a longer shelf. This setup incorporates a Flex Coffee Filter Holder, €40; Flex Tray, €40, sized for two mugs; and Flex Shelf, €49. The utensil holder on the counter is the Flex Big Box, €40.
Gejst Flex system shelf and add-on components.
Above: An overview of Flex add-ons in white, include an ingenious Flex Spoon Rest, €36, designed to be hung when not in use. All accessories are held in place (and kept from wobbling) by hidden magnets.

In the Home Office

Gejst Flex system shelf and add-on components.
Above: Flex storage options in black. The system is designed in Denmark and made in Poland.
Gejst Flex ledge storage system in the home office.
Above: In an office the shelf’s magnetic front comes in handy for storing metal scissors and rulers—and circular oak magnets known as Flex Buttons, €14 for two, hold papers in place. The ledge itself is six centimeters deep, perfect for displaying a picture or small vase.

In the Bathroom

Gejst Flex ledge storage system in the bathroom.
Above: In the bathroom, the design can corral all sorts of disparate things, from a hair iron to a portable speaker. A circular Flex Mirror, €70, not shown, is newly available.
Gejst Flex ledge storage system in the bathroom.
Above: The rails can be used in tandem in a number of ways.

In the Bedroom

Gejst Flex ledge storage system in the bedroom
Above: Another new design, the Flex Side Table, €57, turns the shelf into a bed stand.

In the Kid’s Room

Gejst Flex ledge storage system in the play room.
Above: Books line up nicely on the ledges, and the box add-ons are great for collecting loose pieces of all sorts. See the whole Flex collection at Gejst.

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