A Few Simple Parts and One All-Purpose Tool: Endlessly Changeable Storage Furniture from Aalo

Aalo Ladder Towel Rack and Side Tray Table

Think of this: You’re moving apartments. Instead of lugging your heavy bookshelf through tight hallways and down narrow stairs, and paying a moving company to schlep it across town, you simply disassemble it into a little pile of lightweight pipes and fittings, carry them with you in a tote bag, and, when you get to your new place, reassemble it in whatever shape and style you wish to suit your new place.

This is newly possible thanks to Aalo, a modular storage line by designer Sejun Park (a former mechanical engineer for Toyota and Lexus) that makes it easy to create and change your storage furniture, depending on your needs. The line echoes the trend of pipes-based DIY furniture—with a sophisticated twist: Aalo’s parts are made of lightweight aluminum fittings with a neutral, powder-coated finish, all interchangeable and connectable to the next.

Here are some of our favorite storage pieces on offer, all built from a series of fittings and customizable with the purchase of more. Also possible: Buy somebody else’s invention, or build something entirely new from the company’s “DIY” section, where fittings are available for a couple of dollars each. The possibilities are endless.

N.B.: The first preorder run of Aalo’s designs has sold out, but keep an eye on its website in May for another batch.

Aalo Standing Coat Rack
Above: Time to construct the Aalo Standing Coat Rack (available for $75)? Five minutes. Total weight? Six pounds.
Aalo Garment Rack
Above: We particularly like the streamlined Aalo Garment Rack ($90), which, with 10 minutes and a few simple parts, becomes a striking place to store clothing, particularly for the closet-less.

Above L: The rack in use. Above R: A detail of the “90-degree connector” used to build it.

Aalo Ladder Towel Rack
Above: The Aalo Ladder Towel Rack ($120), a lightweight take on a trend.
Aalo Bookshelf
Above: The Aalo Bookshelf ($220). Although the furniture is light to lift, the company says it can withhold much more weight than the fiberboard shelves you might find at a discount big-box store.

Above: The multifunctional Tray Side Table ($90). See more of our favorites on Remodelista: 10 Easy Pieces: Tray Tables.

Aalo Shoe Rack
Above: An instant entryway in 10 minutes, thanks to the Aalo Shoe Rack ($80).
Aalo Wall Mount Shelf
Above: The Aalo Wall Mount Shelf is $45. Every Aalo furniture piece comes with one all-purpose tool, which can be used to assemble and disassemble any of the pieces—so keep it someplace safe for when it’s time to move, or just start fresh.
More endlessly customizable options we like:

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