The Ordered Office: Affordable Modular Plywood Desks and Storage

Opendesk Bundle Desk

Noted recently: clean-lined office and storage furniture from Opendesk, an online design marketplace that connects buyers with local makers worldwide to build its designs. Many of the plans are customizable, so you can fit desks and cubbies into even the smallest of apartments (or enlarge them to max out storage), and all are made of Baltic plywood. Here’s a look at a few of the modular storage designs on offer:

Opendesk Bundle Desk
Above: The Bundle Desk (estimated at $610) is perfect for someone seeking a more mobile desk. Its trestle design is made up of just five parts and can be easily taken apart and put back together.

Pedestal from OpenDesk
Above: The petite Pedestal works well in the office or by the bedside; casters allow it to be easily moved around or tucked beneath a desk. (It’s estimated at $230 for a set of two, though the exact rate depends on the local maker. Get a quote to find out more.)
Detail of Pedestal from Opendesk
Above: Inside the Pedestal. The top compartment can store “laptops, stationery, and papers up to A3 in size.” A cutout allows for easy charging of electronics.
Fin Lockers from OpenDesk
Above: A set of Fin Lockers (estimated at $924) “works as a solo design or back-to-back to form an island,” and is designed to be the ideal height for working at a laptop while standing. We also like the idea of using it as extra storage in the bedroom or living area.
Lift Standing Desk from OpenDesk
Above: Think of the Lift Standing Desk as an “adjustable height workbench,” Opendesk says. It can lift into three positions—sitting, bar, and standing height. It’s estimated at $891.
Lift Standing Desk from OpenDesk
Above: The Lift Standing Desk at standing height.
Studio Desk from OpenDesk
Above: The deceptively simple Studio Desk (estimated at $502) has clever hidden cord control: Wires and charges sneak up through the table leg into a recessed compartment at the back of the desk for easy, tangle-free charging.

Layout Table from OpenDesk
Above: A detail of two of the three tool trays that come with the Layout Table (estimated at $518), with compartments for pencils and office instruments. (The worktop can also be flipped, for messier tasks on one side and paper- or computer-work on the other, making it ideal for artists and creative workers, or even as a double duty workspace in the kitchen.)
Linnea Shelf from OpenDesk
Above: The Linnea Bookshelf is “large but deceptively lightweight,” a good alternative to heavy bookcases and immovable built-ins.
Linnea Shelf from OpenDesk
Above: The joinery of the Linnea Bookshelf.

WikiBooth from OpenDesk
Above: The all-in-one-office: The quirky Wiki Booth (estimated at $726) was originally designed to be a private phone and work booth in open offices, and has a “micro-desk” as well as a slot for books and papers.
WikiBooth from OpenDesk
Above: The Wiki Booth, in situ.

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