Smart Buy: A Reusable Produce Bag that Keeps Veggies Fresher Longer

Vejibag Reusable Cotton Vegetable Bag

We tend to be purists here at The Organized Home and are often skeptical when it comes to gimmicky new inventions. But sometimes, we have to admit, innovation is good—particularly when it involves reviving an old-fashioned tradition in a newfangled way.

Take the Vejibag. The brainchild of Sally Erickson, it was created when she was trying to figure out how to keep vegetables as fresh as possible as they made the journey from her greenhouse to the market to her customers’ homes. Her research led to the rediscovery of an old-school strategy for keeping veggies from drying out—wrapping produce in wet tea towels or burlap to lock in moisture—which would become the inspiration for the Vejibag, a reusable organic French terry cloth bag.

Using it is simple: At the market, put vegetables into the Vejibag in lieu of a disposable plastic bag. At home, take out the vegetables, wet the Vejibag, then wring it out. Rinse the vegetables, and put them back into the damp Vejibag, and store in your refrigerator. If the bag dries out after a few days, simply run it under the faucet again.

Vejibag Variety Pack
Above: Annie found the Vejibags at one of her favorite online stores, Boston General Store, but they’re also available at Food 52, Anthropologie, and the Vejibag website. They come in three sizes; $19, $20, and $24 at On Food 52, you can buy each size in packs of two; a set of all three sizes is $60.
Vejibags 3 Sizes at Anthropologie
Above: The small size is best used for herbs, root vegetables, or broccoli; the tall size is good for celery, carrots, asparagus, and other long vegetables; and the large size is perfect for lettuces and big leafy greens.

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