Smart Buy: Sumptuously Soft Dish Towels that Double as Aprons

Linge Particulier Dish Towel and Apron in Nude

Vacations are for taking a break from work, but when our editors travel on holiday, work (discovering fledgling creative talent, spotting new wares, finding design inspiration) tends to follow them. Case in point: Margot’s grand tour of Europe recently yielded a flurry of story ideas (see her recent posts on exquisitely wrapped fabric hangers and handwoven, plant-dyed rugs).

And here’s another one: While visiting a store in Madrid, Do Design, she spied irresistibly soft kitchen linens by Linge Particulier. Upon closer inspection, she realized that they all came with ties attached to turn them into aprons if need be. She promptly bought two—one for her sister and one for her sister’s future daughter-in-law.

“As so often happens, once I got home from my travels, I wished I had bought more!” says Margot. “It’s such a simple, genius idea.” Our favorite kind.

Linge Particulier Dish Towel and Apron Gray Stack
Above: Each dish towel-cum-apron measures 22 by 32 inches. “The linen is so nice—soft and light. And the towels themselves aren’t awkwardly giant but work perfectly around the waist,” reports Margot.

Linge Particulier Dish Towel and Apron Flowers In Situ
Above: Linge Particulier’s dish towels come in standard stonewashed linen or waffle linen, which is slightly less expensive. This Standard Linen Dish Towel in Curry Flowers costs $28 at Austin-based Nannie Inez.
Linge Particulier Dish Towel and Apron Floral Stack
Above: Of the American stores, Nannie Inez seems to offer the greatest variety of colors and patterns. The Waffle Linen Dish Towels pictured here are in Nude and Vintage Green; $26 each.

Linge Particulier Dish Towel and Apron In Situ
Above: Neatly folded into a compact square, the Linge Particulier Dish Towel belies its apron roots.

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