Smart Buy: A Bedside Pocket for Storing Your Cell Phone, Tablet, Magazines, and More

Felt Bedside Caddy by Kikkerland

I haven’t really shopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond since I stopped needing extra-long twin sheets, but maybe I should start checking the dorm essentials department more regularly. The other day, I noticed a good-looking felt bedside storage pocket on their website. It hangs from the bed (simply tuck the flap under the mattress and the pocket hangs over the side) and can hold a cell phone, tablet, remote controls, magazines, eyeglasses—whatever you need within easy reach of your bed.

Intrigued, I searched for more bedside caddies on the market. While there are many versions that look like they belong on a 747 holding an in-flight menu, I did find some tasteful ones. Here are five.


Felt Bedside Caddy by Kikkerland
Above: The Felt Bedside Caddy by Kikkerland, sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond, is the organizer that initially piqued my interest; $14.99. It comes in a larger version, for $19.99, as well, with interior pockets for further organization.
Kenley Bedside Caddy
Above: The Kenley Bedside Caddy has a main pocket in addition to smaller external organizers; $25.90 on Amazon.

Cabina Home’s Bedside Caddy come sin dark gray, khaki, and light gray (shown); $11.99 at Walmart.
Above: Cabina Home’s Bedside Caddy come sin dark gray, khaki, and light gray (shown); $11.99 at Walmart.


Stackers Bedside Pocket at Container Store
Above: The five-pocket Stackers Bedside Caddy at the Container Store has cable loops for corralling wires; $22.49 (a larger version is $36.75).


Ultimate Bedside Storage at PBTeen
Above: The Ultimate Bedside Storage is part of the PBDorm line at PBTeen; $29.
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