Collectors’ Edition: Ikea Introduces a New Display-Worthy Storage Line

Sammanhang Ikea Hero Image

We know we can sound like a broken record sometimes—buy less, own less, less is more. But we’re fully aware that not everyone can be stuff-eschewing minimalists. For avowed maximalists and collectors, today’s an important day: Ikea’s new Sammanhang line of storage accessories, designed to display and organize your most prized possessions, will be available in stores starting in August.

In the company’s own words, “The Sammanhang collection is not here to judge you for loving to collect stuff, nor is it here to steal the spotlight from your collection. It’s just here to make it look better—to celebrate your personal process of collecting.” Here are some favorites from the new line.

Sammanhang Ikea Coffee Table
Above: The Sammanhang Coffee Table is $69.95.
Sammanhang Ikea Display Shelves in Beech
Above: A set of two beech Display Shelves is $14.99; also available in gray.
Sammanhang Ikea Glass Domes
Above: The Glass Domes shown here feature dark gray glass bottoms. They’re also available with clear glass bottoms and cork bottoms; $9.99 for the set.
Sammanhang Ikea Boxes in Cork
Above: The plain exterior on these nesting cork Boxes with Lids belies the fun printed interior; $19.99 for a set of three (a smaller set sells for $14.99).
Sammanhang Ikea Display Box
Above: The glass Display Box was inspired by those found in galleries and museums; $29.99.
Sammanhang Ikea Boxes with Lids
Above: These Boxes with Lids are made of mesh to allow for a peek of the contents; $9.99 for the set. They are also available in gray.
Sammanhang Ikea Wall Shelf
Above: The metal Wall Shelf is $12.99.
Sammanhang Ikea Display Box in Glass
Above: The Display Box with multiple compartments features both clear and ribbed glass; $39.99.

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