Might and Maine: Durable Goods Made of Nautical Rope

Rope Co. Nautical Rope Storage Bin from Food52

It’s not easy to find distinctly regional products that aren’t kitschy. Take Maine, for instance, a state known for its beautiful coastline, seafaring tradition, and delicious lobster rolls—all of which seems to have translated in the retail world to a whole lot of whale-shaped cutting boards and lobster-themed tees.

The Rope Co.’s durable, attractive wares—think baskets, key chains, and doormats—are prime examples of paying tribute to a place without being literal and hokey. Made from nautical rope traditionally used to haul lobster traps in and out of the water, the products (made in Maine) telescope New England tastefully—by prizing practicality, thriftiness, and simplicity in the designs. Have a look.

Rope Co. Nautical Rope Storage Bin from Food52
Above: The Rope Co. was founded in 2013 by a fifth-generation lobsterman. The rope used to make its products is mold- and mildew-resistant, making these indoor/outdoor baskets ideal for just about anything you throw its way, from a load of wet swimsuits to firewood. Two sizes of Nautical Rope Storage Bins—16- and 20-inch diameter—are available at Food52 for $99 and $140, respectively.
Rope Co. Nautical Rope Doormat at Food52
Above: The Rope Co.’s Nautical Rope Doormat is UV-protected to prevent fading. It comes in four sizes; from $59 at Food52.

Rope Co. Nautical Rope Doormat
Above: The Rope Co. website offers a range of colors and patterns for the Nautical Rope Doormat. The site also sells good-looking key chains and placemats (in addition to doormats and baskets)—all made from the same rope that lobstermen use.

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