Multipurpose Baskets from Mexico, via a Portland, OR, Shop

Recently, a few of us at Remodelista rediscovered the aesthetic functionality of Adirondack baskets, the classic woven, wooden packs that double as both carrier and storage. (See Object Lessons: The Enduring Adirondack Day Pack.)

The latest indigenous carryall to catch our eye are these Oaxacan Palm Baskets from Non-Perishable Goods in Portland, Oregon. Native to the Zapotec people of Mexico, these beautifully textured baskets are handwoven by Juan Garcia, whose family has preserved and practiced these traditional basketmaking techniques for many generations.

N.B.: You can find more from Non-Perishable Goods at our upcoming Remodelista Market at Rejuvenation in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, December 17, and Sunday, December 18.

oaxacan palm basket non perishable goods

Above: Used by generations of Oaxacans for carrying goods, these lightweight, roomy, sturdy baskets remain just as handy for today’s market shopper.

non perishable goods woven palm basket assorted sizes

Above: Traditional Oaxacan Palm Baskets are available in large, medium, small, and chaquita sizes.

non perishable goods woven palm basket mini

Above: Equipped with a durable head strap, the baskets are ideal for carrying heavy items. Here, three small Chiquita Oaxacan Palm Baskets keep goods separate; $32.

non perishable goods woven palm basket medium

Above: The baskets are available plain or with a woven stripe.

non perishable goods woven palm basket small filled

Above: The Small Oaxacan Palm Basket makes an ideal pack or storage vessel for kids’ toys; $42.

non perishable goods woven palm basket medium with flowers

Above: A 15-inch-deep Medium Oaxacan Palm Basket is ideal for toting flowers and greens; $62.

non perishable goods woven palm basket large

Above: At 17 inches deep, the Large Oaxacan Palm Basket can be used as a hamper; $76.

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