Aha! Hack: A Truly Easy DIY Countertop for the Washer/Dryer

HSK Subako Tokyo House No. 555 Architecture

After years of working in the lifestyle category, I can say with authority that everyone has a different definition of what qualifies as a do-it-yourself project. Some think nothing of picking up a table saw and using three different sanders (drum, hand, and belt) all for a DIY project (hi, Justine!), while others are more at home with endeavors that involve glue guns and glitter. Me? I like projects that require minimal to no tools (and only tools that can’t inflict any bodily harm)—and minimal to no skills.

Which is why I love this idea for an DIY countertop I spied in two homes. Instead of constructing a traditional laundry folding station, which would require tools and skills, the homeowners simply placed a flat surface—a slab of marble, a piece of plywood cut to size—on top of the washing machine for an improvised, impermanent countertop. Genius!

All-white bath/laundry room, HSK Subako house Tokyo, No. 555 architectural design office.
Above: A piece of larch plywood sits on top a combination Muji washer-dryer in the lone bathroom of a small house in Japan. Photograph by Ryoma Suzuki, courtesy of No. 555, from An Inventive Sliver of a House in Tokyo by No. 555.
Karin Montgomery Spath New Zealand Studio Bathroom, Photo by Matthew Williams
Above: In this bathroom in New Zealand, a slab of marble from an old table was placed on top of the washing machine and repurposed as a bathroom countertop. Photograph by Matthew Williams, from A Glamorous Studio Apartment in Auckland that Feels Like a One-Bedroom, Hack Edition.

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N.B.: This post is an update; it was first published January 2021.

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