Aha! Hack: A Rustic DIY Pot Rack for Less Than $30

Vintage Whites Blog Budget Kitchen Remodel

File this under: Why didn’t I think of this?

In the extremely charming kitchen of Vanessa Pleasants, of the blog Vintage Whites, a strip of rustic wood is mounted across the length of the wall behind the stove and studded with evenly spaced nails for an improvised pot rack. A super-easy, super-cheap DIY pot rack? Sign us up.

Vintage Whites Blog Budget Kitchen Remodel
Above: The improvised pot rack holds more than just pots.

First, she banged on the wood to give it some light dents and scars, then she treated it with Light Brown Briwax stain. Finally, she hammered in nails as hooks, making sure to angle them down.

Inspired to make your own? Here’s what you’ll need.


Select Pine Board from Home Depot
Above: A 10-foot length of a one-by-four-inch Select Pine Board at Home Depot is $11.72.
Grip-Right Penny Bright Steel Common Nails
Above: Grip-Right Three-Inch Penny Bright Steel Smooth Shank Common Nails are $3.98 for 10 at Home Depot.
Briwax Natural Wax
Above: Briwax, in light brown, is $19.06 on Amazon.

To see more of this kitchen, check out Kitchen of the Week: In Montana, Rustic Chic on a Budget.

N.B.: Featured photograph by Vanessa Pleasants, courtesy of Vintage Whites Blog.

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