Smart Buy: The Perfect Accessory for the Black Hole in Your Tote Bag

Cuyana Tote Organization Insert

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to dump out the contents of your tote bag just to locate your favorite lip balm; if you’ve ever muttered, “It’s here in somewhere, I swear” to the line forming behind you as you dig around for your wallet; if you’ve ever lost a library book in the vast morass of your bag (in my defense, it was a slim paperback).

You can put your hand down now, because you’ll need both hands to clap with joy. Here are not one, but two great-looking tote bag inserts to help keep you organized.


At $95, Cuyana’s organizer is more expensive than other inserts out there, but how many of them are made of microsuede and this attractive (most products in this category look like they belong in Office Depot).

Cuyana Tote Organization Insert
Above: Cuyana’s Tote Organization Insert is made in Turkey and comes in four colors; $95 each.
Cuyana Tote Organization Insert in Blush
Above: The insert is designed to fit Cuyana’s leather totes; it measures 10 inches high and 13.5 inches wide.

Cuyana Tote Organization Insert
Above: The Tote Organization Insert features multiple compartments—including a wallet-sized pocket, an elasticized water bottle holder, and a laptop sleeve—and a key ring.

My Smart Organizer

Julie recently showed me My Smart Organizer’s Felt Tote Bag Organizer, and I was immediately taken with them. I like that they have cutout handles, which make it easy to move your contents from one tote to another.

My Smart Organizer Felt Tote Bag Organizer
Above: My Smart Organizer’s Felt Tote Bag Organizer comes in six vibrant colors; $29.99 each.
My Smart Organizer Felt Tote Bag Organizer
Above: Each insert measures 15.7 inches by 12.9 inches and has two buttons for snapping shut.
My Smart Organizer Felt Tote Bag Organizer
Above: The Felt Tote Bag Organizer has eight pockets on the outside and nine on the inside.
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