The Cull: 10 Best Finds from Bed Bath & Beyond’s New Private Label

Bee & Willow Storage

None of us should be shocked that Bed Bath & Beyond has expanded from its bedroom and bathroom roots—given its name pretty much spells out its business plan. Still, it comes as a surprise to us that BB&B has launched a new private label, Bee & Willow Home, an inexpensive, modern farmhouse-inspired line of furniture, decor, and more. The offerings aren’t bad—especially if you have a 2o percent-off coupon lying around (and who doesn’t?). Here, are 10 good-looking storage and organization finds by Bee & Willow.

Bee & Willow Home Metal Dustpan
Above: We really like the soft sage color of this Metal Dustpan. It also comes in white; $9.99.
Bee & Willow Home Horsehair Cleaning Brush
Above: Pair the dustpan with this Horsehair Cleaning Brush, which has a solid wooden handle; $6.99.
Bee & Willow Home Metal Cleaning Caddy
Above: This Metal Cleaning Caddy can also be used for other purposes—to store gardening supplies, crafting supplies, and more; $12.99. It measures 14 inches across.
Bee & Willow Home Metal Art Ledge
Above: Bee & Willow’s sizable Metal Art Ledge measures 36 inches across; $59.99.
Bee & Willow Home Spice Rack Organizer
Above: The Spice Rack Organizer can sit on a surface or mount to the wall. It measures nearly 18 inches across; $19.99.
Bee & Willow Home Galvanized Metal Oval Trays
Above: The small Galvanized Metal Oval Tray measures nearly 15 inches across, the medium nearly 21 inches across; $19.99 and $21.99.
Bee & Willow Home Galvanized Metal Utensils Holder
Above: The Metal Utensil Holder is 6.3 inches tall and sized to hold cooking utensils and tools; $9.99.
Bee & Willow Home Millbrook Canisters
Above: The stoneware Millbrook Canisters come with acacia wood lids. They’re available in two sizes; from $9.99.
Bee & Willow Home Dish Soap
Above: Bee & Willow’s Lavender & Eucalyptus Dish Soap is made from a plant-based formula (also available in a rosemary and mint scent); $5.99.
Bee & Willow HomeRound Woven Rope Storage Basket
Above: Great for stowing toys or rounding up towels, the Round Woven Rope Storage Basket has a diameter of 17 inches; $24.99.

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