The Cull: 15 Finds From Schoolhouse for a Well-Ordered Home, Under-$50 Edition

I’ve been a fan of Schoolhouse since 2006. I know this because that was the year my son was born, and he was such a bad sleeper that I convinced myself it had to be because of our tight living quarters, and persuaded my husband to move to a larger place in a neighborhood I knew very little about other than one visit to a friend’s beautiful apartment. Anyway, this friend had superb lighting—flush-mount ceiling lights with milky glass shades—and I wanted them, too. Schoolhouse Electric, she told me (they hadn’t dropped the “Electric” yet), and I promptly ordered a couple for our new bigger apartment that did nothing to turn my son into a good sleeper—but those lights did turn me into a Schoolhouse fan!

Today, many of the same understated retro-inspired designs are still available, but they’ve added a ton more to their offerings—furniture, bedding, hardware, dinnerware, and more. There’s even a newish Organization & Utility department, and that’s where we found these 15 fun, inexpensive finds for a more organized life. Take a look.

Bombabird Ribbed Catchall at Schoolhouse
Above: These wheel-thrown vessels by Bombabird are perfect for storing rings, cotton balls, and other small items; $24 to $42.
Brass Straight Clip Schoolhouse
Above: The Brass Straight Clip is $8. Be sure to read Aha! Hack: 5 Smart and Surprising Alternative Uses for Binder Clips.
Compartment Cafeteria Tray at Schoolhouse
Above: This is not the first time we’ve recommended the 1-Compartment Cafeteria Tray; $24 each.
Tube Wringer at Schoolhouse
Above: The Tube Wringer squeezes out 30 percent more toothpaste than you would without it; $26.
Municipal Gym Baskets at Schoolhouse
Above: The Municipal Gym Baskets are useful in every room of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom; $45 and $50.
Schoolhouse Extension Cord
Above: If you can’t hide your wires, be sure to make them attractive. The fun Schoolhouse Extension Cord comes in four colors (shown is the blue/red version); $48.
Schoolhouse Birch Trays
Above: The Birch Trays come in three sizes; $16 to $36.
Charter Cast Iron Hook at Schoolhouse
Above: The farmhouse-chic Charter Cast Iron Hook is 5.5 inches tall; $8.
Heirloom Cloth at Schoolhouse
Above: Use the Heirloom Cloth (shown in small) as a washcloth, cleaning rag, or napkin; $8 to $16.
The glass Bits & Bobs Container is $28.
Above: The glass Bits & Bobs Container is $28.
Speckled Stoneware Crock Schoolhouse
Above: The Speckled Stoneware Crock by RachaelPots is $48.
Copper Hangers at Schoolhouse
Above: These Copper Hangers look delicate but they’re sturdy enough to hold your heaviest coats; $14 for 5.
Schoolhouse Motor Lodge Keychain
Above: There are seven versions of the playful Motor Lodge Keychain: “car”, “house,” “guest,” “his,” “hers,” “mail,” and “found it.” Each is $6.
Schoolhouse Log Carrier
Above: The heavy cotton Schoolhouse Log Carrier with leather handles is $48.
Ceramic Match Striker at Schoolhouse
Above: Use the Ceramic Match Striker to hold your matches and to start a flame; simply strike a match against the exterior ridges to light it. Each is $48.

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