Aha! Hack: Lockers Mounted Sideways

Top-floor Brooklyn townhouse addition work space designed by Bangia Agostinho Architecture. Pia Ulin photo.

It pays to see things from a different perspective. For proof, check out this wholly unexpected moment from Rony Vardi and Dwight Weeks’s enviable Brooklyn townhouse: In a room that leads to the balcony, a set of black lockers found by Weeks, is mounted to the wall—sideways. It’s a whimsical and ingenious way to repurpose lockers as horizontal wall-mounted storage.

Photography by Pia Ulin, courtesy of Bangia Agostinho Architecture, from Brooklyn Makeover: A Homey Townhouse with a Modern Garret.

Top-floor Brooklyn townhouse addition with terrace designed by Bangia Agostinho Architecture. Pia Ulin photo.
Above: The lockers hold the couple’s tools, duct tape, batteries, and other household supplies.

Their lockers are vintage, but you can source similar lockers from Global Industrial; the key is to look for locker sets that don’t have feet.

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