Aha! Hack: A DIY Drying Rack that Disappears When Not in Use

Carmella Rayone McCafferty is a genius when it comes to small-space living. She’s had to be: The interior designer lives in a 665-square-feet home in Wyoming with her husband and three boys—and somehow manages to do it simply, stylishly, and smartly. (See A Low-Cost Cabin Kitchen for a Family of Five for proof.) Recently, while perusing her blog, we noticed an ingenious hack for air-drying laundry when there’s no room for even a collapsible drying rack.

Photography courtesy of Carmella Rayone McCafferty.

Carmella Rayone's DIY Drying Rack with Dowels
Above: Before adding the dowels, Carmella had only the shower rod to use for air drying her laundry.

She had two dowels cut to fit the space above her shower stall (so that they could rest on the rim above the stall) and painted them white to match the room. Now when she has a load of gentle-care garments to dry, she simply pulls out the dowels; when they’re not in use, they’re tucked back neatly against the wall.

Carmella Rayone's DIY Drying Rack with Dowels
Above: When not in use, the dowels recede into the background.

Carmella had her local carpenter cut the dowels for her, but you could also buy them at a home improvements store like Home Depot and have them cut to size.

Here are the materials she says you’ll need:

  1. Dowels. Home Depot sells 1-by-72 inch Hardwood Round Dowel for $6.56 each.
  2. Primer that will seal tannins. Try Zinsser White Cover Stain Oil-Based Interior/Exterior Primer and Sealer ($9.98 for 1 quart)
  3. Paint. Carmella used Sherwin Williams’ Pure White in semi-gloss.

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