10 Easy Pieces: Bread Bags

Uashmama Porta Pane Loaf Bag at Nickey Kehoe

Like everyone else in 2020, I adopted a sourdough starter and learned how to to bake boules. It was fun and my family enjoyed my experiments, but after a few weeks of having fragrant, fresh bread anytime we wanted, the novelty wore off and we were often left with too much of a good thing. Stale bread became my nemesis, and I found myself stuffing down slices three meals a day just to avoid it. That’s when I decided to stop my sourdough adventures.

In hindsight, having a proper way to store the loaves would have helped. Experts say that the best method is to store fresh-baked bread in something breathable—a paper sack, a ceramic bread box, or cotton or linen bags—so that the crust remains hard and the inside soft. Of those options, I like fabric bags the best: they’re affordable and reusable, and gifting a home-made boule inside a pretty bread bag makes for a perfect housewarming or hostess gift.

Below, 10 favorite fabric bread bags. (Tip: If you one day decide you’re just fine with store-bought bread, you can always repurpose the bags and use them to take home bulk dry goods from the store.)

Toast Cotton Bread Bag
Above: Made of heavy cotton and measuring 35 x 35 cm., the Cotton Bread Bag from Toast has a stitched-on tie for easy wrapping; $30.
Dans le Sac Cotton Bread Bag at Helen Milian
Above: Like its bedding, Rough Linen’s Orkney Linen Bread Bag is made local from heavy, high-quality linen. The bag comes in a slew of colors and in two sizes: one for boules, another for baguettes. Each is $22.
Dans le Sac Cotton Bread Bag
Above: Similar to Toast’s bread bag, Dans le Sac’s Cotton Canvas Bread Bag is $22 at Helen Milan. (For more on Dans le Sac, see Kitchen Storage: Simple Cotton Bread and Dry Good Bags from Quebec.)
Linen Bento Bag via Etsy
Above: There’s no shortage of bread bags offered on Etsy. We particularly like this Linen Bento Bag, which has a square base and double layers of OEKO-Tex certified fabric. To close, simply tie the ends. It’s available in an assortment of colors and three sizes; from $23.
Aplat Poche Medium Bread Bag
Above: We are big fans of Aplat (see their sexy fabric bowl cover here). Recently we discovered on their site these pre-shrunk organic cotton Poche Bags, which can stand upright on the counter. They are designed to be used as produce and bread bags and come in multiple sizes (shown is medium); from $17.
Dot & Army Bread Bag and Bowl Cover at Food52
Above: Food52 carries Dot & Army’s Bread Bag and Bowl Cover Set (the cover is for covering the dough as it rises); $28.
Magic Linen Printed Bread Bag
Above: The Printed Linen Bread Bag from MagicLinen features simple typography screen-printed in water-based ink; $19.
Above: The “Let us break bread together” bags are made by women in Portugal; €35 from Dora Daar. (For more on the store, see Slow Design: Soulful Handmade Goods from Dora Daar.)
Linen Stripe Bread Bag via Flotsam & Fork
Above: From Flotsam & Fork’s website: “Keep your bread fresh and your crust crisp with this Oberlausitzer leinen bread bag, finely woven in eastern Germany by a producer with more than a century of tradition.” Their Linen Stripe Bread Bag is available with a blue or red stripe; $25.95.
Uashmama Porta Pane Loaf Bag at Nickey Kehoe
Above: An ingenious product from Remodelista favorite Uashmama. Their Italian-made Porta Pane Loaf Bag is made of organic washable paper with a linen drawstring top; $39 at Nickey Kehoe.

For more on reusable bags, see:

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