6 Favorite Fabric Covers: A Better Way to Wrap Leftovers

Aplat Couvre Plat Bowl Covers

Last week, we shared our picks for covered ceramic bowls. (See 7 Favorites: Covered Ceramic Food Storage Bowls, Non-Plastic Edition.) They’re great, but they can be quite pricey. Today, we’re talking about a more economical solution to storing leftovers without using plastic: fabric covers that fit snugly over bowls. After a few uses, you can simply toss them in the wash and re-use. But the real reason I like fabric bowl covers is that they offer an opportunity to express a little personality while performing the most mundane of tasks.

Here, my top selections for cotton bowl covers:

Aplat Couvre Plat Bowl Covers
Above: Can a bowl cover be sexy? Because that’s how I want to describe Àplat’s Couvre-Plat Round Covers, which feature organic canvas and a flirtatious drawstring tie; $54 for 3 covers.
Ambatalia Cloth Dish Covers
Above: Ambatalia’s Cloth Dish Covers are reversible; one side is color or pattern, the other is natural linen. The “basics” set comes with 5 covers in 5 different sizes; $62.
Spaza Store Bowl Cover Dish Set
Above: This Bowl Cover Set from the Spaza Store includes 4 covers in 4 different sizes, all featuring hand-printed protea flowers; $27 on Etsy.
Food52 Dot Army Linen Cotton Bowl Covers
Above: A set of 6 Linen & Cotton Bowl Covers by Dot & Army has soft fabric covers in linen, chambray, and cotton ticking; an elastic band creates a tight fit. It’s $64 on Food52.
BowlOver Bowl Covers
Above: BowlOver’s all-cotton Bowl Covers are sold in sets of 3. Shown are two sets, each $£13.50 at Hunter Gatherer Gifts.
Edgy Moose Organic Cotton Bowl Covers
Above: The Edgy Moose Design’s Organic Cotton Mini-Fruit Bowl Covers fit containers with a diameter of 5 inches; a set of 3 is £12 at the Plastic Free Shop.

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