First-Apartment Storage Basics, Upgraded with Wood

Finally, an upgrade for milk crates and cinder blocks, the old staples of apartment life: Minneapolis-based We Are Always Moving Industries (WAAM) remakes the classics in lightweight wood. Here’s a look at the collection.

We Are Always Moving Milk Crates
Above: WAAM’s birch plywood Milk Crates are an improvement on plastic, and can be “flipped, stacked, carried, or wall-mounted.” Available in four sizes; from $55.
We Are Always Moving Milk Crate
Above: The Short Long Milk Crate transforms into a small-space shelf when hung from a wall; $65. WAAM also makes a Dog Bowl attachment, a lid with inset bowls for canine companions; $100.
We Are Always Moving Tinder Blocks
Above: Another apartment icon, the cinder block, gets a rethink in Douglas fir—a much lighter material than concrete for stacking and rearranging. WAAM’s Tinder Blocks start at $48.
We Are Always Moving Tinder Block
Above: The Tinder Blocks come in two sizes and two styles: flat top and classic. At two feet tall, the large classic makes a petite bedside table; $60.
We Are Always Moving Sliding Boxes
Above: WAAM’s Sliding Lid Boxes can “stack and stow” and are perfect “on your desk, in your drawer, or even in the car.” Available in three sizes: small, $16; medium, $22; and large, $26.
We Are Always Moving Wine Holder
Above: “Building blocks for adults”: Sturdy Tinder Block Wine Racks hold either two bottles, $26, or three, $36.
We Are Always Moving Berry Boxes
Above: An improvement on “pulpy paper” supermarket fruit boxes, WAAM’s Berry Box holds produce, writing essentials, and other small goods. It’s made of maple and available in three sizes: classic, $32; tall, $36; and wide, $42; a set of three is $105.
We Are Always Moving Berry Box
Above: The wide Berry Box holds larger fruit.
N.B.: This post first ran on Remodelista on February 14, 2017.

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