Put a Cork in It: 8 Clever Cork Accessories for the Home

CorkFrame Pin Board

Our default reaction to design trends is skepticism. How long before we tire of the fad? Is it any better than the classics? But cork as a building material is one trend that we can get behind. Because cork is harvested from the bark of cork trees—no trees are actually cut down—the material is truly sustainable. And it’s durable (just ask anyone who wears Birkenstocks). Recently, we noticed a crop of design-minded home accessories made from the unfussy material. Here are some favorites.

Melanie Abrantes Cork Basket
Above: Melanie Abrantes’s Cork Baskets have a rope and leather handle and are finished with beeswax; $120.
Trove Rectangular Deep Box by David Irwin
Above: DWR recently rolled out handsome new cork desktop storage products by award-winning designer David Irwin; priced between $25 and $60. The Trove Rectangular Deep Box, pictured, is $60.
Molo Cork Pegs
Above: The Molo Cork Pegs come in two lengths (the longer length is perfect for use as a toilet paper holder) and employs a magnetic mounting system; $50 and $60.
emile henry french cheramic kitchen storage collection
Above: These Emile Henry French Ceramic Kitchen Storage Collection features cork lids that can double0duty as trays. Use the large one to store potatoes or onions inside the bowl (where it’s dark and cool) and fruits on top; $35 to $140.
Cork Coaster by Ferm Living
Above: Protect your counters and tables, and place this clever Cork Coaster under hot pots and tea pots; €25 at Ferm Living.
PCM Cork Plug Bowl
Above: We like this Cork Plug Bowl, designed by Thomas Kral in collaboration with PCM, for its architectural good looks; $210 at Wallpaper Store.
Cork Lids for Weck Jars at Terrain
Above: Alexa has raved about these Cork Lids for Weck Jars before; they provide one-piece air-tight coverage as opposed to the standard three-piece system of glass lid, rubber gasket, plus metal clips. They come in three sizes; from $1 each..
Corkframe Landscape Pinboard
Above: The CorkFrame Pin Board is a sturdier, thicker version of generic pinboards. Plus, it has a handy integrated shelf for storing pencils and other small items. You can buy three different sizes from CorkFrame directly; from €70.

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