Domestic Science: A Cork Lid Hack for Weck Jars

Weck Jar Cork Lids

I can proudly report that my kitchen cabinet is stocked with decanted flours, lentils, and spices in perfectly aligned Weck jars. The process itself was cleansing and cathartic, but now I’m left with one issue. The little metal clamps that seal Weck glass lids are impossibly fiddly and often go MIA (they tend to fly off the jar and land in parts unknown).

Enter the cork lid, made in Germany, which turn the Weck jar into an easily accessed (and sealed) storage canister.

Mur Life Style Weck Cork Lids
Above: Designed to fit the Weck jar, the Cork Lids for Weck Jars are $4 to $5 CAD ($3 to $4 USD) and come in three sizes. Available at Mur Life Style in Canada (as shown).
Mur Life Style Weck Cork Lids
Above: You can also source the Small Weck Cord Lid for $8.95 and the Large Weck Cork Lid for $9.95 on Amazon.
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