Aha! Hack: A Towel Rod Where You Need It Most

Kristina Line and Anton Bak Bushwick Apartment Kitchen

Why is it that most kitchens don’t have a dedicated drying spot for towels? I resort to draping my kitchen towel over the sink; I’ve seen others hang theirs on the oven handle. But I prefer a proper towel rod—which is why I love this kitchen hack in a rental renovation that Annie wrote about for Remodelista (see A Two-Week, $1,000, 500-Square-Foot Rental Overhaul by a Design Student in Bushwick, Brooklyn).

Kristina Line and Anton Bak Bushwick Apartment Kitchen
Above: Renters Kristina Line and Anton Bak designed and built their kitchen from scratch. The Grundtal Rail provides a drying spot for their kitchen linens, and the slatted shelf below doubles as a drying rack. The backsplash is simply scrap marble salvaged from a stonemason.

The renters, both designers, installed the ever-mighty Grundtal Rail from Ikea right in front of the kitchen sink, directly onto the plywood base they built from scratch. They hang their kitchen linens on the rail as well as some oft-used tools.

Ikea Grundtal Stainless Steel Rails as part of the Remodelista Storage 75 Series
Above: Ikea is no longer stocking its Grundtal Rail, but we were able to find some on Amazon and eBay. Photograph by Matthew Williams for Remodelista: The Organized Home.

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