The Well-Appointed Potting Shed: 5 Baskets as Wall-Mounted Storage

woven wall baskets

Here’s an idea we like: use wall-mounted woven baskets as storage for potting shed essentials and tools (think pruners, gloves, etc.).

woven wall baskets
Above: Available in three sizes, handwoven Rachael Wall Baskets are made of sea grass;
$7.99 to $14.99, depending on size at World Market.
woven hanging wall basket from Kouboo
Above: A handwoven Rattan Wall Basket will hang flat; $49.50 from Kouboo.
storage potting shed hanging wicker basket with rope handle
Above: A Wicker Basket with Rope Handle is $8 at Save on Crafts.
woven rattan storage basket for garden sheds from Garden Trading
Above: A rattan Holkham Utility Basket is handmade; £30 from Garden Trading.
woven basket backpack
Above: Minnesota basket maker Claire Swanson will weave a custom knapsack basket to order. Made by hand, no two are exactly alike. The straps make it versatile: hang it from a hook to hold tools or garden supplies. For prices and more information, see Claire Swanson on Etsy.
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