French Press: The Original Eco Coffee Maker? (Plus 7 Stylish Glass Versions to Buy)

Yield Glass French Press at Soulmade

Here at The Organized Home, we’re always looking for ways to minimize—whether that’s reducing the clutter in our homes or decreasing the amount of trash we send to the landfill or scaling back the amount of stuff we buy. The French press is a product that helps us achieve these goals in every way.

First, a bit of history. It may be called the French press, but its origins are not altogether Gallic. While it’s true that the idea for a piston-aided coffee maker was first patented by two Frenchmen in 1852, the French press (also called a press pot, coffee press, coffee plunger, and cafetière) didn’t become well-known until the late 1920s, when an Italian firm patented its own version.

What is not up for debate is its all-around functionality. It’s highly portable and packable; it doesn’t require filters; and it makes a good, rich cup of java. (Just be sure to grind the coffee beans coarser than you would for drip brews.) But that’s not even why I’m drawn to the French press. I personally like it because it turns a morning ritual into a science experiment. There’s something ridiculously satisfying about slowly pushing the plunger down and watching it displace the coffee.

Which is why I prefer glass French presses—all the better for observing the black magic in action. Here are seven glass versions that are stylish enough to go from the kitchen counter to the dining table.

7 Glass French Presses to Buy

Craighton Berman's Manual Three-in-One Coffeemaker at UncommonGoods
Above: The Manual Three-in-One Coffeemaker by Craighton Berman provides, as advertised, three different functions. Use it as a French press; swap out the plunger for a cone filter (included) to make pour-over coffee; or take out all the accessories and use it as a pitcher to hold your beverage of choice (it has double-walled glass to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot); $140 at Uncommon Goods.
Williams-Sonoma Double Wall Glass French Press
Above: Another good-looking insulated glass version comes from Williams Sonoma. I particularly like the refined glass handle of its Double Wall Glass French Press; $49.95.
Barista Stainless Steel French Press in Copper
Above: The Stainless Steel French Press by Barista comes in different finishes, but I like the copper best. Note the elegant metal stand; on sale for $63.99 at Hudson’s Bay.
Rooster Cafetiere from Set & Co.
Above: The Rooster Cafetiére is made in Denmark and has an arched glass bottom that acts as a coaster; $95 at Set & Co.
Bodum Chambord Copper French Press
Above: This is Bodum’s classic Chambord French Press in copper. It was first produced in the 1950s and that it endures today is evidence of its good design (in France, people often refer to a coffee press as “une Bodum”; $49.95 at Sur la Table.
Yield Design's Glass French Press at Tenzo
Above: Yield Design Co.’s Glass French Press comes in clear, amber, and gray and can also be used to brew tea; $85 at Tenzo. It’s also sold at Soulmade and Food52.
Metz & Kindler Coffee Press Pot at Canoe
Above: The German-made Coffee Press Pot by Metz & Kindler has a brushed stainless steel base with a glass window on the side and at the top; $90 at Canoe.
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