Shopper’s Diary: Balineum in the UK

Australian-born Sarah Watson founded Balineum, an online source of natural, classic bathroom linens and accessories, when she couldn’t find a stylish shower curtain after moving to England. “I had been living in New York, so I was astounded that I couldn’t find one that I liked in London,” she says. With the help of textile designer Gail Bryson, Watson launched a line of shower curtains and liners; soon after, they turned their attention to towels and bath accessories, including baskets and storage bins, bath accessories, and bath mats. Got to Balineum to see the full range.

Above: The off-white Elinor Shower Curtain is made of 100 percent European linen in a gauzy open weave; £83 to £92, depending on size.

Above: Woven from organic cotton, the Syrie Woven Towels are hand-spun, hand-loomed, and hand-dyed in France; £87 for a bath sheet.

Above: Whitewashed rattan Sablon Rattan Storage Baskets; £96 to £115.

Above: Anatolia Luxury Towels are woven to a weight of 820 grams of cotton per square meter (Watson says they’re the heaviest on sale in Europe); £7 to £54.

Above: The Dorset Laundry Bin made of abaca fibers comes with a removable inner cotton bag; £120.

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