Object of Desire: Cute Metal Recycling and Waste Bins in Every Color

Pedersen + Lennard Recycle Bins Hero

Like toilet-paper holders and dust pans and brooms, the humble garbage can is not an item that most people spend too much time thinking about. But we’re not like most people—and we’re guessing if you’re reading this, you’re not either.

We want our utilitarian and everyday essentials to function well, prioritize sturdy and natural materials, and look nice, to boot. (Is that so much to ask for?) So when we find products that are a perfect convergence of all three—like these cheery powder-coated galvanized steel recycling and waste bins from South Africa–based Pedersen & Lennard—we get stupidly excited. (The company calls the products “Recycle Bins” but they can be used for trash as well.)

Pedersen + Lennard Recycle Bins
Above: Pedersen & Lennard’s Recycle Bins come in 13 different colors and three sizes. Pictured here are some large sizes. The small bin doesn’t have a lid and is more appropriate for the home office or bath. The bins are $32.02 to $96.07; contact them directly about shipping costs to the US.
This isn’t the first time we spotlighted the company’s recycling bins. In 2013 we featured them in a post about the company’s founders, Luke Pedersen and James Lennard, but back then, the bins had wooden lids that needed to be lifted by hand to throw something away. They’ve since changed the design, improving on its functionality, we think. The bins now feature an integrated swing lid. No lifting required.

Above: A closeup of the integrated swing lid.

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