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Clean Living caddy

There’s one item in my house that has recently generated several admiring comments: my laundry strips. They are just part of a comprehensive range of eco-friendly cleaning products produced in the UK by the company, Clean Living.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Laundry strips

The laundry strips are free from bleach, dyes, palm oil, and toxic chemicals. They come in a slim paper package containing 30 fragranced sheets that completely dissolve in the wash. Use half a sheet for a half load, one sheet for a full load, and two sheets for large or especially grubby loads. The design makes them ideal for traveling: no burst capsules or bulky boxes.

The space-saving laundry strips are suitable for machine and hand washing (£14.95).
Above: The space-saving laundry strips are suitable for machine and hand washing (£14.95).

Coconut scourers

Clean Living is also responsible for two newcomers at my kitchen sink: coconut scourers and stainless steel soap. The scourers are made from 100% natural coconut husks. As well as being completely natural and biodegradable, the abrasive scourers are naturally antibacterial, free from toxic chemicals and free from plastic.

“Approximately 400 million plastic sponges are thrown away ever year in the UK alone,” explains Sue Caldwell, managing director of Clean Living. “Disposable plastic sponges have long been the convenient choice for many household cleaning tasks, but they always end up in landfill …. Our new coconut scourers are an easy switch: whether you use them to clean your pots and pans, bathtub, grills, or anything else in the home, these scourers deliver a powerful yet gentle clean, will last much longer than your standard sponges, and leave no lasting impact on our planet after use.”

Cleaning Living coconut scourers
Above: The scourers come in a pack of five (£4.99). Each scourer should last for approximately a month and half. Once they have exceeded their lifespan, it can be put straight into the compost bin where it will gradually biodegrade.

Stainless steel soap

The stainless steel soap is shaped like a bar of soap, fits snuggly in the palm of your hand and magically neutralises odors. The science is simple: the sulfur molecules in food such as fish, ginger, garlic and onions transfer to your skin when cooking. Stainless steel binds these molecules, shifting them from the skin to the bar.

Clean Living stainless steel
Above: The Clean Living stainless steel bar of soap (£5.95). To use, rub the bar around the palm of your hand and fingertips under cool running water. Allow to dry naturally.

Complete Cleaning Kit

Their bestseller is the Complete Cleaning Kit which comes with a cardboard caddy making it easy to store and easy to carry from room to room. The kit includes a multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, bin odor eliminator, odor and spot remover, kitchen cleaner and degreaser, drain maintainer, limescale remover and bathroom cleaner, as well as a three eco-friendly cleaning cloths and a wooden brush.

Clean Living caddy
Above: The Complete Cleaning Kit (£43.99).

The refillable aluminum bottles arrive empty to reduce carbon emissions. When the kit arrives, you just pour the refill sachets into the correct bottles and top them up with tap water. (Most cleaning products are 99% water and come in single use plastic bottles.) The idea is for customers to purchase a flexible refill subscription service to ensure you have your own choice of product refills delivered to your door as and when you need them. We’re signing up.

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