Object of Desire: A Shaker-Esque Carrier for Kindling

Never have I coveted a kindling box, until now. We recently spotted Catskills-based woodworker Brian Persico’s Handmade Pine and Osage Kindling Box—an heirloom to hand down from hearth to hearth. Take a look:

Brian Persico Kindling Box
Above: The kindling box is made from local white pine; the bent Osage handle and handmade copper rivets are reminiscent of Shaker style. It’s $850, made to order.
Brian Persico Kindling Box
Above: A detail of the hand-cut dovetail joinery.
Brian Persico Kindling Box
Above: The box makes tidy kindling storage but also can be used to store any number of things all over the house.

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