Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: 5 Favorites from Ikea’s New Canine Collection

An overview of Ikea's ew Lurvig collection for cats and dogs.

At an outdoor design fair this past fall in Upstate New York, so many impeccably groomed dogs were in attendance that we got to admire firsthand the crowd currently fueling the upscale pet accessories market. There’s more and more to like in the world of dog gear, but prices are often out of reach for most owners, so we were happy to hear that Ikea has entered the fray.

We recently presented Ikea’s Clever Products for Cats. Today, we’re spotlighting our favorite Ikea dog accessories, all from a collection dubbed Lurvig, which translates as “shaggy.”

Photography courtesy of Ikea.

Dog leash from Ikea's new Lurvig collection for pets.
Above:The pieces were developed by pet-loving designers with input from veterinarians.The Lurvig Anti-Shock Leash, $14.99, has built-in elastic to reduce tugging, which benefits for both man and beast. It’s also available in black and orange and has a reflective stripe.
Ikea Lurvig collection dog bowls.
Above: Lurvig Bowls come in three colors (black, green, and white) and sizes, starting at $1.99.The cutouts are for easy lifting and to keep the bowls in place, there’s anti-slip material on the bottom. They rest on a rimmed Lurvig Placemat; $2.99.
Pet protection for the sofa: the Ikea Lurvig throw blanket.
Above: Pet protection for the sofa. The Lurvig Blanket, $19.99, is also recommended for use in the car: “If you travel, the blanket can feel like a safe place where your dog can feel at home.”
Ikea Lurvig collection cat/dog bed.
Above: A sofa of their own: sized for cats and small dogs, the Lurvig Cat/Dog Bed, $49.99, folds out for maximize lounge room. The cover is removable and machine washable.
Ikea Lurvig dog/cat bed.
Above: The Lurvig Cushion comes in three sizes, starting at $7.99. Several cushion covers are available and all are easy to remove and machine washable. A separate black Bolster Cushion, $4.99—”your dog’s very own pillow”—is also available.
An overview of Ikea's ew Lurvig collection for cats and dogs.
Above: An overview of the Lurvig collection for dogs and cats. Explore our Best Feline Picks from Ikea.

More favorites from Ikea:

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