Fancy Feast: The 6 Things You Need for Corralling Pet Food

Cat Food Storage from The Organized Home

Pet food areas are hard to keep up. They get messy, and conventional food bowls and bags on the kitchen floor or counter aren’t the most appealing solutions. Here’s one that is: a setup comprised of six basic items—some, like the glass prep bowls, you may already have in your kitchen—with a few practical tips included.

Cat Food Storage from The Organized Home
Above: A washable cloth, easy-to-clean enamel, and durable glass bowls make a pleasant pet banquet. Photograph by Matthew Williams, styling by Alexa Hotz for Remodelista.
Cat Food Storage from The Organized Home
Above: Cat food in action. Photographed by Matthew Williams, styled by Alexa Hotz for our book The Organized Home where you can find more ideas for creating a pet food station.

1. Enamel Bin with Lid

Betty Twyford Bread Bin White Enamel
Above: Keep the unpleasant scent of pet food contained with a lidded container like the Laursen White Enamel Bread Bin (£18.30/$25 USD) at Betty Twyford. Other options are the Knodd Bin ($14.99 at Ikea), Mini Bin (£25/$34 USD at Garden Trading), and Black Speckled Enamel Bucket (€28.95/$34 USD at The Enamelware Company).

2. Washable Placemat

French Striped Dish Towel
Above: Go for something washable and neutral, like the Striped Dish Towel in natural linen from Armentieres, France; $24.95 at Flotsam + Fork. Other options are the Swedish Cleaning Cloth ($9.50 at Mur Lifestyle), Heirloom Cloth ($16 at Schoolhouse Electric), and Redecker Kitchen Cloth ($7.99 at Sustain Eco Store).

3. Enamel Tray

Noda Horo White Enamel Tray
Above: Enamel is your friend. It’s ultra-washable and ultra-durable. We like the Japanese Noda Horo 2.4 liter Food Storage Enamel Container for $29.98 on Amazon. For loads more tray options, see our post In Praise of Trays: 10 Trays in Fiberglass and Enamel.

4. Durable Glass Bowls

Duralex Glass Prep Mixing Bowls
Above: Duralex is durable for most pets—especially for cats—and the heavy Set of 8 Glass Prep Mixing Bowls comes in two sizes (5.5 ounce and 12 ounce). They’re durable, tempered glass and easy to wash; $24.95 at Williams-Sonoma.

5. Clips

French Steel Clips Organized Home
Above: Our favorite trick? Instead of decanting the entire bag of food into the container, snip off the top of the food bag and place the bag directly into the bin. Then clip it shut with a Chip Clip or various metal ones, like the Aluminum Pegs (£8.50) seen here, to prevent odors and to keep the kibble fresher.

6. Steel Scoop

Endurance Scoop Stainless Steel
Above: A stainless steel scoop tucked inside the bag makes it easy to dispense food. This 1/4 Stainless Steel Scoop measures 8 inches; $14.99 at The Container Store. It might seem silly to spend $15 on a scoop just for your cat, but the cost per use (a couple times per day) makes it a good investment.

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