Net Market Bag Upgrades: Naturally Dyed Grocery Totes from Wild Poppy Goods

I do love the classic French net market bags in their natural off-white shade, but Margot recently notified me of a batch of them from Wild Poppy Goods that are oh-so-colorful. Sure, there are other net totes that come in all sorts of hues, but can they claim to be dyed from red onions? Or turmeric? Or pomegranate? The versions from the Portland, Oregon–based online store can, as they’re all naturally dyed.

Wild Poppy Goods Natural Dye Net Tote in Pomegranate
Above: This Natural Dye Net Tote is a dusty pink thanks to pomegranate. Each bag is $16 at Wild Poppy Goods. Wash in cold water to retain color.
Wild Poppy Goods Natural Dye Net Tote in Red Onion
Above: Red onions imbue this one with the faintest hint of blush.
Wild Poppy Goods Natural Dye Net Tote in Tumeric
Above: The turmeric version.
Here’s what else we’ve been eyeing:

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