Secret Weapon: A Doctor’s Office Staple to Conquer Your Paper Pile

I edit a site called The Organized Home (you may have heard of it), so it’s entirely understandable if you were to assume that I’d be obsessively structured and compulsively neat. You’d be wrong, though. I like to keep a tidy home, yes, but behind doors and inside drawers lurk messes that I hope never see the light of day. That said, I am highly organized when it comes to the paperwork that streams in through my door—catalogs, bills, permission slips, report cards, etc.—thanks to a robust folder system. I have a folder for my kid-related paperwork (each kid gets a pocketed side), as well as a folder for art and schoolwork that I’m saving to trot out at their 30th birthday parties. I have another folder for my own paperwork and bills that need future attention. And then there’s the folder I like to call “To Be Filed One Day in the Faraway Future in My Desk that I Never Use in the Upstairs Office that I Never Go to.”

Which leads me to my problem. I currently house those folders on my dining room table—ideal because it’s centrally located and not ideal, because, well, it’s in the dining room. I’ve lately been thinking about mounting one of those wall-mounted metal file holders you see next to exam rooms at the doctor’s office. They have an minimalist, office-chic look, and they’d keep the folders off the table. Win-win.

Here are eight I like:

Buddy Products Dr. Pocket Hippa Wall Pocket File
Above: Buddy Products’ Dr. Pocket Hippa Wall-Pocket File is “great for doctor’s offices and hospitals,” says the marketing material. And we say, great for home offices, entryways, and multipurpose dining rooms, too; $13.17 at Home Depot.
Three by Three White Magnetic Wall Pocket
Above: Three by Three’s White Magnetic Wall Pocket comes with five petite magnets for sticking up your to-do list, reminders, and snapshots; $19.99 at the Container Store.
Buddy Products Dr. Pocket Letter Size Wall File
Above: The all-steel Dr. Pocket Letter Size Wall File by Buddy Products is $13.91 at Home Depot.
Wallniture Lisbon White Wall-Mounted Steel File Holder
Above: Wallniture’s Lisbon White Wall-Mounted Steel File Holder is just $23.31 on Amazon. It also comes in gray and black.
Sir/Madam Toleware Organizer
Above: For a less industrial look, try Sir/Madam’s Toleware Organizer, which has three compartments; $72.
Ikea Kvissle Wall Magazine Rack
Above: Ikea’s Kvissle Wall Magazine Rack is made of powder-coated steel; $14.99.
Buddy Products Steel Task File Organizer
Above: Perhaps my favorite of the group: Buddy Products’ Steel Task File Organizer featuring four slots and a little shelf on top with small compartments for pens and small desk accessories; $44.85 on Hayneedle.
Global Industrial 10-Pocket Medical Chart Rack
Above: The 10-Pocket Medical Chart Rack by Durham Mfg. is smaller than it looks (it has a height of just 26 inches); $45.95 at Global Industrial.

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