Lagos Del Mundo: Mexican Household Classics Reimagined

Lagos del Mundo Throw Blanket

“We are a brand of basic objects inspired by primitive artifacts and tools,” explains the Mexico City team behind Lagos del Mundo. The line is a collaboration between two friends, Leonel López Castillo and Rigel Durán, who met as design students at the University Centro and teamed up on the project with architecture and design studio La Metropolitana. The group looked at simple, age-old Mexican household objects made from natural materials, applied their own take to the pieces, and then collaborated with artisans around the country. The full collection is available from Lagos del Mundo.

Lagos Del Mundo Tote Bag
Above: The Tote Bag is made completely of black and vegetable-tanned leather.
Lagos del Mundo Mezcaleros Cups
Above: The Mezcaleros Ceramic Cups are designed in blackened stoneware for drinking mezcal.
Lagos del Mundo Pitcher with Grey Cup
Above: The Pitcher with Grey Cup (also available with a white or black cup) has a cup that fits on top, is made from a mixture of natural clays, and is inspired by traditional water storage vessels.
Lagos del Mundo Carafe with White Cup
Above: The Carafe with White Cup is made from Mexican blown glass that has a blue hue and comes with a cup that fits on top.
Lagos del Mundo Black Mirror
Above: The Black Mirror is inspired by the mystical quality of mirrors, they offer, as the designers say, “a reflection of the reality through beautiful filters.”
Lagos del Mundo Speckled Mirror
Above: The Speckled Mirror, like the black mirror, has a textured and misshapen quality.
Lagos del Mundo Throw Blanket
Above: The Lagos del Mundo Throw is made of gray wool with a yellow border.
Lagos del Mundo Grey and Orange Rug
Above: The Lagos del Mundo wool rug collection is inspired by textiles made for centuries in the Bernal Village in the state of Querétaro. Woven on traditional looms, the throw rugs are “meant to be complements to bring a warm feeling and color without trying to be the main character in the space,” explain the designers. Shown here is the Large Grey Orange Rug.
Lagos del Mundo Breton Striped Rug
Above: The new Breton Rug Small is a wool rug made up of black and cream stripes, like a Breton striped shirt.
Lagos del Mundo Blue and White Rug
Above: The Large Blue Rug is made of bright blue and white wool. The white wool varies in color depending on the time of year the sheep are sheared.
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N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on September 4, 2014.

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